Influencer Collaboration with Hatta Outdoor

Hatta Outdoor are always looking to collaborate with Influencers and online platforms that have an obvious synergy with our company.

We do not pay for any collaboration but are able to support initiatives with discounted or (in some instances) free of charge access to our portfolio of products and services.  Hatta Outdoor by agreement are able to provide exclusive access to some activities. We also know the best secrets about our attractions and are happy to share these in any collaborations. Full details of Hatta Outdoor's activities can be found on this website. Any agreement will be subject to certain terms and conditions and will include (a minimum of) tagging of Hatta Outdoor in the agreed number of posts and the following of us on your social media accounts. Hatta Outdoor do not provide (or have access) to any accommodation in Wadi Hub. Visit Hatta and Jumeirah provide this service. Filming on site is permitted by prior agreement and subject to (in some instances for large cameras and drones) special permits. Permits for filming must be obtained by the individual or company concerned. Hatta Outdoor do not provide this service. If you are interested in collaborating, please complete the following data capture and analysis form.

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Submitting this form is not a contract or agreement to collaborate. We will analyze your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.