Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Hatta Outdoor and it’s operations.

Should you have a question that is not included below, reach out to Hatta Outdoor directly by email, telephone, contact form or whatsapp.

What if I am too short or too tall to participate in an activity?2023-07-12T07:13:46+00:00

Unfortunately, the guidelines for height are all related to health and safety. So if you are too tall or too short you will not be permitted to participate in the activity.

Is Axe Throwing dangerous?2023-07-12T07:14:07+00:00

Yes it is! However, our staff take your safety very seriously and we fully train all users on the correct technique and rules to ensure every one is safe. So in actual fact Axe throwing with Hatta Outdoor is very safe.

Can I use the Drop In if I can’t swim?2023-07-12T07:14:16+00:00

All users of Drop In must be able to swim, in addition all users must wear the mandatory life preserver at all times whilst using the Drop In.

Can an Adventure pass be used over 2 days.2023-09-22T10:11:35+00:00

Unfortunately both adult and child packages can only be used in a single day and and are valid for or over multiple days.

How long are tickets valid for if purchased online?2023-07-12T07:14:34+00:00

Tickets can be redeemed anytime during the season of their purchase.

Can I get a refund on unused tickets?2023-09-22T10:44:18+00:00

Hatta Outdoor operate a very straightforward policy on refunds of unused tickets or parts of tickets. Unless there are exceptional circumstances Hatta Outdoor do not offer refunds on unused tickets. Any  completely unused ticket can be transferred and used another day. Any unused part of a package is not eligible for carry over to another day.

If Hatta Outdoor close a facility or attraction because of poor weather, technical or any other reason on us, we will offer a replacement ticket for the unused part of the package.

Can I camp at Wadi Hub?2023-09-22T10:39:18+00:00

Wild camping is not permitted in many locations in Hatta. Wadi Hub itself does not permit any wild camping without authorisation.

Can I bring a dog to Wadi Hub?2023-09-22T10:17:57+00:00

Yes you can but we do operate a strict policy that requires your dog to be on a leash at all times. It can’t also be too loud or scare / intimidate other Wadi Hub users. Also you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Bring your pooper scooper!

What time does Hatta Outdoor open?2023-07-12T07:16:19+00:00

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