Hot Shot Challenge

Axe throwing and Archery in Wadi Hub
Hatta Outdoor Hot Shot Challenge

What is the Hot Shot Challenge?

The Hot Shot Challenge is a new competition and your chance to win a night’s stay in one of the amazing properties at Hatta Wadi Hub, as well as the overnight stay Hatta Outdoor will through in two Ultimate Plus packages.

The Hot Shot Challenge is an exciting addition to the already popular activities of Axe throwing and Archery at Wadi Hub

How do you win this amazing prize?

Winning the big prize couldn’t be more straight forward. The last in a series of events in both Axe throwing and Archery is the final shot or throw, that is nearest to the bull (the centre of the target).

In this round you have just one opportunity. Hit a bullseye on both activities and you automatically win the big prize. As we said it couldn’t be simpler.

The rules

Competitors must throw or shoot from the official designated point.

The same competitor must throw and shoot both the Bullseyes.

A bullseye is the arrow or axe sticking into the centre most part of the target (Yellow archery, red Axe) target until retrieval or viewing by the Hatta Outdoor operator.

Any part of the axe or arrow landing on the centre most circle line is a successful bullseye.

The Bullseye must be hit with the final attempt on the nearest to the Bull Round.

The small print

Prize has no monetary alternative

The prize is nontransferable from the name entered on the result card.

Prize must be used before the end of Season six, (April 2024 approx.)

Competition winners must have purchased the Hot Shot Challenge ticket before completing the Hot Shot Challenge.

If a competitor has purchased a single Axe Throwing or Archery ticket and wants to upgrade and attempt the Hot Shot Challenge, having already hit a bullseye on their last attempt, they are eligible to purchase a ticket for the remaining activity and attempt. However, only one extra attempt of that activity is permitted. This attempt must be made the same day as the first bullseye is hit.

All Hot Shot Challenges must be made with the normal equipment (axes, bows, arrows etc.) that Hatta Outdoor operate with. No use of personal equipment is permitted.

Accommodation subject to availability and excludes blackout days and national or religious holidays.

Completed entry ticket must be completely submitted to the Hatta Outdoor duty manager immediately after successful 2nd Bullseye.

All winners must agree to have their images and story used in publicity by Hatta Outdoor and it’s trusted partners. 

All Hatta Outdoor Operators decisions are final, and no appeals permitted.